Monday, 19 May 2008

Duan Yuting

Duan Yuting founded the Lianzhou International Photo Festival. An annual photography exhibition in the city of the same name. Festival has a reputation as the foremost photography exhibition in China. A guest curator works with her each year to select the work. 
Duan is based in Guangzhou and also in Beijing.

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jenxie said...

Duan Yuting is by far not the only founder of the Lianzhou International Photo Festival but for sure the only one who managed to come out of it successfully. The festival in its current form would not exist without the help of many professionals from China and overseas who have been conveniently "discarded". From the beginning there have been issues in regards to festival funds being misappropriated. While Duan Yuting's professional expertise is top notch, many in the industry fail to see a genuine quality about her character. She seems to be very skilled in hiding behind her innocent smile which particularly works with foreigners.(for some time only though) The most public discontent was posted by some disgruntled ex-staff of the festival on their old website Duan certainly knows how to get ahead in life starting as a photo editor for a Guangzhou magazine earning 4000 Yuan a month she is now jet-setting around the world, wears designer clothes, drives trendy cars and even has money to open an art centre in Beijing. While the city of Lianzhou is very popular with the foreign guests of the festival, Duan felt rather embarrassed, she thought the place is too poor. (translated from the Chinese)