Monday, 4 February 2008

Fabiano Marques

Fabiano is a visual artist working in curatorial intervention, video and installation. He lives in Sao Paulo but has recently spent 6 months in the UK, supported by the Artists Links residencies.  

We went to Fabiano's exhibition opening at the Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo. He was part of the PANORAMA DOS PANORAMAS show, which put together works from the permanent collection of the musuem. Fabiano's was a very interesting work. While walking around the show, one occasionally came across paintings covered by low-profile, slick, brown cardboard boxes. This was Fabiano's work and in an examination of the structures of museums, of curating, and of whom chooses which art is displayed, the curators chose different artwork each week that would be covered. Apparently, a woman had come to the opening to see a painting of her husband's that she had recently donated to MAM, and found that the painting was covered by Fabiano's cardboard cloak! 

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