Monday, 4 February 2008

Maurício Santos

We met Maurício in Sao Paolo, with his wife Cristina, a psychologist and their son, Chico. 

My first background is in music. I have a degree in Composition, and during some time my main field of work was to compose and play music for theatre. I've done some work with electroacoustic music as well, and my work "Répétition - sound drama" participated in the IV International Biennial of Electroacoustic Music of São Paulo (Bimesp), in 2002. 

I've always written poems and short stories, so by that time I decided to change my focus in theatre from music to text. My first play "Máscara Preta" was performed by the Grupo Griot in the fringe of the Curitiba International Theatre Festival, in 2002. 

In 2004, I moved to London and then to Paris, where I studied literature in the Université de  Paris VIII.  In 2005 I moved back to São Paulo, where I finished (in 2006) my doctorate in French Literature, with a thesis on french writer, film maker and playwright Marguerite Duras and the role of music in her work. Since 2007, I'm working on a film project, with the support of the State of São Paulo, a documentary that investigates the body in the context of anorexia.
Today, I'm part of the artist collective As Rutes, which performs interventions in urban contexts, particularly in São Paulo, using techniques of clowns, storytelling and visual arts. 
Finally, I write for - Futebol, Política e Cachaça (Football, Politics and Cachaca), a blog that won the prize of best brazilian sports blog in 2007! And we are now competing for the iBest prize in the same category. 

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