Monday, 4 February 2008

Túlio Tavares

Túlio is an artist and will be working with us as a photographer and translator. 

"I know very well São Paulo as I was born here and it is the place where I have been living all my life. The city and the public space are the areas where my production fits better. I also document, in videos, the life of the population and the social movements. I have just lunched the documentary named “São Paulo, Politics of the Discensus”; it is a historic and poetic portrait of downtown area done in the conflict field of the gentrification process. If I have the chance I’d like to show this material, it has got an English version and it was presented in Serpentine Galley in London this year by two people who work at the Whitechapel and the Barbican, Shamita Sharmacharja and Melanie Lenz."

He lives in Vila Madalena area of São Paulo. 

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